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Benco B15-05 Semi Paste
Benco B15-05 Semi Paste

    Benco B15-05 Semi Paste


    Benco B15

    B15 is our most aggressive semi-paste stripper and essentially B17 in a semi-paste form for use where objects are too large to submerge in a tank. Use for large heavy industrial equipment stripping, large powder-coated or epoxied appliances, and other field-oriented applications where you must bring the stripping to the item. Also frequently used as an airplane or aircraft stripper where speed of removal is of primary importance.

    • Semi-paste stripper for use on vertical surfaces and items too large for a dip tank system, non-flammable, water rinse. | Decapante semi-pasta para uso en superficies verticales y artículos demasiado grandes para un sistema de tanque de inmersión, no-flamable, enjuague con agua.
    • Extremely aggressive stripping action on all coatings | Acción decapante extremadamente agresiva en todos los recubrimientos
    • Effective on powder coat polyesters and nylons, catalyzed finishes, epoxies, electroplate as well as conventional paints. | Efectivo en pintura en polvo de poliéster y nilón, acabados catalizados, epoxis, galvanoplastia y pinturas convencionales. 
    • Not for use on zinc or magnesium surfaces. | No debe usarse en superficies de zinc o magnesio. 
    • Apply by brush or roller. Can be sprayed with a high pressure stainless steel spray system. | Aplicar con brocha o rodillo. Se puede rociar con un sistema de rociado de acero inoxidable de alta presión.