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"Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the industry."

From Fluropolymers coatings to powder coatings and hydrographic techniques, we are here to elevate your products to new standards of quality and performance.

Spectra Coatings, LLC. stands as the go-to custom coating company proudly located in Hatillo, offering our specialized coating services throughout the entire island. With a commitment to excellence, we cater to a diverse range of industrial and commercial applications, ensuring that your surfaces receive the finest and most tailored coating solutions available.

Sandblasting Stripper

Our sandblasting stripper service offers an effective solution to prepare surfaces by removing contaminants, rust, old coatings or imperfections.

Powder Coating

Experience industrial excellence with our powder coating service. Whether for protection, decoration or functionality, our powder coatings offer a durable, high quality solution for a variety of applications.


Elevate the performance and durability of your components with our Teflon coating service. 


From automobiles to electronic devices, our ability to apply intricate designs, patterns or textures to three-dimensional objects ensures a unique and attractive appearance.

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